The Pleasant Ave. Project

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Testimonial Video

He discussed the potential for a new deck with us and provided an estimate alongside a timeline. After deciding to proceed, they impressively managed to complete the project ahead of schedule. Their work was exceptional; their thoroughness, confidence, and efficient completion time were truly remarkable. The resulting deck is fantastic and aesthetically pleasing.

We are extremely satisfied with both the quality and the speed of their work— it was exceptional, and we find ourselves enjoying this deck more than any we’ve had before. Their punctuality was notable, and the coating was expertly applied. Initially, we hadn’t planned for a specific type of railing, but Paul suggested that a glass railing would look fabulous. He provided a quote, and to our surprise, upon his return, the price had actually been reduced.

The combination of PVC flooring and the glass railing is pleasing, enhancing our beautiful view. This setup now allows for an accommodation of around 13 to 15 people. A remarkable suggestion they made was to extend the deck by three feet, enabling more family members to enjoy this space. Their competence and skill were notably evident throughout the project, as they adeptly navigated every challenge and fulfilled all our requirements efficiently.

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