The West River Rd. Project

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Transform your living space with Frontier Building Group. Whether it's a renovation or an addition, our experts are here to guide you through every step. As a family-owned and women-owned business, our skilled team empowers women in trades. Contact us for a consultation and let’s bring your vision to life!

Testimonial Video

We aimed for a spacious deck with multiple levels, and now it extends almost the entire length of the house. Its various levels not only augment its appeal but also offer fantastic spaces for hosting parties where guests can enjoy their own individual areas. Dining both on the upper and lower levels of the deck has become a regular pleasure for us.

Before making our decision, we collected a few quotations. Ultimately, I connected with Jonathan and his father. Their honesty is commendable, ensuring that the quoted price aligns precisely with what you pay. They exhibit not only high creativity but also dedication, meticulousness, and consistent punctuality. Throughout the project, I maintained close communication with Jonathan. We were genuinely thrilled with their work, especially the new deck off our bedroom, an addition we hadn’t previously had.

Whenever I proposed an idea to Jonathan, he readily embraced it. He consistently brought my visions to life, such as with my gazebo. I provided a design sketch specifying that I wanted all the wood in the gazebo covered with metal, and they executed it to perfection.

The multi-leveled design significantly enhances our expansive property, rendering it even more captivating. Its proximity to my kitchen also adds convenience, allowing for easy guest serving on the deck. I wholeheartedly recommend them, as their unwavering honesty and dedication to their tasks set them apart.

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